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Three speakers at different volumes with water reverberating off to show the scale.


Think of us as your on-demand music department.

Proudly Black-owned, we're passionate about bringing a diverse perspective to commercial music.


Having worked at top ad agencies and startups, co-founders Chris and Meredith realized creative teams need stock music alternatives that are original, affordable, and...well, good. Great, in fact. And professional voice over, too. Bonus points for finding partners who "get it."


It’s critical for a brand’s content to stand out amongst a sea of other distractions. The worst thing to realize right before a project launches is the stock music you picked is already in use by a competitor. (We’ve been there.) 


Custom music composition and sound is a powerful and now accessible way to help give your project that extra oomph.


Enter: CB Sonics. Your partner in sound.

Professional headphones lying on acoustic foam with an egg-crate pattern.


We Believe

Music is the universal language

that unites us all.


It helps us feel,

in good times and bad.

We Believe

Sound is a central element of impactful storytelling.

Even if it is often overlooked.

We Know

Much of what we hear is

inspired by Black culture.


Commercial music will benefit from reflecting that diversity.


Photo of Chris Borelli smiling in a beanie and sweatshirt with interesting design

Chris Borelli

Executive Producer & Audio Engineer


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To say Chris has a passion for music is an understatement. He discovered its life-saving power at an early age, and hasn’t stopped learning or experimenting since. His approach is and has always been driven by feeling, as evidenced by the fact he's self taught with piano and audio production.

A talented hip hop artist, Chris has also worked in advertising as a producer and project manager — and resident music guy, when needed. It is here, sitting in brainstorm after brainstorm with creatives, that he realized how often music is an afterthought. Knowing the impact music has on a project, he knew it was a disservice to the work. And so the idea for CB Sonics was born.

Bio photo of Meredith Clinton

Meredith Clinton

Head of Operations & Marketing


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With a shared background in advertising, Meredith has worked as an associate creative director and copywriter, concepting and crafting brand stories from the ground up. She has a special love for video storytelling and also dabbles in voice over and other creative writing. 


The first time Meredith saw Chris listen to a song on his phone and then play it on the piano, she was in awe — and continues to be, of his talents as a music artist and composer. That’s why she’s excited to bring her complementary expertise to CB Sonics.

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