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CB Sonics


Music composition | Voice over | Audio engineering


Specializing in hip hop + R&B


We specialize in hip hop + R&B. Yet genres are fluid.

  • Jazz

  • Pop

  • Soul

  • Gospel

  • Orchestral

  • Or something new


We compose, sing, rap, and engineer. That can look many ways on paper.

  • Music direction

  • Singing/rapping/speaking

  • Lyric writing

  • Beat making

  • Mixing + mastering

  • Creative brainstorming


When you want to engage or entertain, it's better with sound.

  • Sonic logos

  • Podcast music

  • Original songs

  • Marketing videos

  • Audio ads

  • TikTok + social

Personal attention.

Quick turnarounds.

No detail is too small. The CB Sonics approach to music and sound is through what feels right, not technical specs.


We understand tight deadlines, fixed budgets, and translating feedback and emotion into sound. You speak directly to the person working on your project, so there’s less room for ambiguity, and more time for us to get to work.


If your project calls for it, we'll tap into our talented network to get the job done.

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